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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness
Mental health is defined as our emotional, psychological and social well-being. How we think, feel and act are affected by our mental health, as well as how we deal with stress, relate to others, and the choices we make at every stage of our lives. Mental illness has become pervasive in the United States affecting tens of millions of people. It affects people across all age groups and all walks of life.

More than 50% of people will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime. 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year. 1 in 25 Americans lives with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression. 1 in 5 children, either currently or at some point during their life, have had a seriously debilitating mental illness. Recent national surveys of young people show alarming increases in the prevalence of anxiety, depression, and other behavioral health challenges that have been increasing consistently over the past decade. Mental illnesses and disorders are common, recurrent, and often serious, but they are also highly treatable and many people do recover. is dedicated to doing our part to help start the conversations that are so necessary to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health disorders.

We understand that some Mental Health Awareness organizations may be represented by different colors. Colors for Mental Health Awareness may include blue, silver or gray, or green. Choose below from our in stock selection of rubber bracelet wristbands, ribbon magnets, decals, lapel pins and more or place a custom order to support Mental Illness and Mental Health Disorder awareness for your event or fundraiser.

We can also create custom Mental Health Awarness Ribbon Car Magnets and Rubber Bracelets for your organizations next event, or fundraiser. Please click the custom orders tab below to learn more.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Learn more about Mental Health, Mental Illness and Mental Health Disorder advocacy and support on the NAMI website, and SAMHSA website. If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) to reach the SAMHSA National Helpline or reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or with the new dialing code 988. All of these helplines are available 24/7/365.

Customize Our Products
Mental Health Matters Green Ribbon Magnet
Mental Health Awareness Green Rubber Bracelet Wristband - Adult 8"
Suicide Prevention Awareness Wristband There's Hope There's Help Call or Text 988 Purple Turquoise - Adult 8" White Fill
"Not all wounds are visible" PTSD Awareness Teal Wristband White Letters Adult 8"
Be Healthy Rubber Bracelet Wristband - Adult 8"
I Make A Difference In Someone's Life Bracelet - Adult 8"
Be Kind Rubber Bracelet Wristband - Adult 8"
Purple Turquoise Ribbon Embroidered Stick-ons - 25-pack
Suicide Prevention Awareness
I can do all things through Christ - Phil: 4:13 - Adult 8" White Letters
Verse-a-band Christian cross wristbands
End Gun Violence #NEVERAGAIN Orange Wristband - Adult 8"
#METOO Break the Silence End Sexual Violence Rubber Wristband - Adult 8"
Silence is Compliance End Racial Injustice Black Rubber Bracelet Wristband White Letters - Adult 8"
I Stand Against Racism Black Rubber Bracelet Wristband With White Letters - Adult 8"
ACTIVELY ANTI-RACIST Black Rubber Bracelet Wristband White Letters - Adult 8"
Smile God Loves You Happy Face Car Magnet
Support Disabled Veterans Ribbon Car Magnet
Support Disabled Veterans Blue Rubber Bracelet Wristband - Adult 8"
Blue Awareness Stretch Charm Bracelet
"Hope Courage Faith" Blue Rubber Bracelet Wristbands
Matte Silver Metal Rubber Wristband Bangle - Unisex
"Hope Courage Faith" Grey Rubber Bracelet Wristband - Adult 8" White Fill
"Hope Courage Faith" Green Rubber Bracelet Wristband - Adult 8"
Solid color green - blank rubber wristband - Adult 8"
Inspiration Necklace - Faith Hope Love
Blue Cause Awareness Ribbon Magnet
Light Grey Pearl - Silver - White Awareness Ribbon Magnet
Green Cause Awareness Ribbon Magnet
LoopKit 10-pack Accessory Kit Key Chain for Rubber Wristbands
Blue Ribbon Lapel Pin
Grey Ribbon Lapel Pin
Green Ribbon Lapel Pin
Clear White Ribbon LED Reflector Safety Light
Blue Ribbon Embroidered Stick-ons - 25-pack
Grey Ribbon Embroidered Stick-ons - 25-pack
Green Ribbon Embroidered Stick-ons - 25-pack
Blue Break Through...Find The Cure! Static Window Cling
Grey Break Through... Find The Cure! Static Window Cling
Green Break Through...Find The Cure! Static Window Cling
Peel & stick blue grosgrain awareness ribbons - 10 pack
Vegas Strong 10.1.2017 Memorial Rubber Wristband - Adult 8"
Sandy Hook - Never Forget - Never Again Rubber Wristband - Adult 8"
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